Why Are My Teeth Getting Yellow?! 10 Tips For Whiter Teeth

Why Are My Teeth Yellow

Hey there, Gorgeous!

Straight to the point: I AM A DENTAL HYGIENE FREAK!

If I could brush my teeth 10 times a day without completely destroying my enamel, I would.

Why Are My Teeth Yellow?

I may need to seek help. But in the meantime, if you are wondering, “Why are my teeth getting yellow?”, I’d like to give you a few tips.

Just like in my article about skin breakouts, you may be doing something in your daily routine that is leading to the issue, and I want to help you resolve it!

Let’s get started!

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1. Check Your Medicine Cabinet!

Medications are the cause of many undesirable side-effects.

Yellowing of teeth is one of them.

Certain meds such as antibiotics, antihistamines (Benadryl), blood pressure medications, and acne-fighting medications could be causing teeth discoloration.

Granted, many medications are very necessary and can’t be removed from our daily routines.

But…if you are taking a medication temporarily and have noticed a change in tooth color, you can probably assume that when you stop taking it, the discoloration will cease. Yay!

2. Poor Oral Hygiene

Being who I am, this pains me. But it must be said.

Not brushing your teeth regularly, not flossing, and not using a mouthwash containing plaque killing agents will probably lead to yellow teeth.

I know. This one is probably obvious.

But, just for my own peace of mind. Brush regularly, ya’ll.

Brush Teeth Regularly

Plaque and tarter build-up on the teeth will give them a yellowish-discolored appearance.

This one is easy to fix, fortunately.

Up your oral hygiene game, and you will probably see a noticeable difference in teeth appearance!

Now I’ll go back to living in La-La land where everyone brushes their teeth 3 times a day 🙂

3. Too MUCH Fluoride

I want to follow the oral hygiene tip with this one, because it should be noted that an abundance of fluoride can indeed cause tooth discoloration.

I know. We can’t win.

Fortunately, over-fluoriding causes more of a white, streaky effect than a yellowing. It may also cause small, brown spots.

I’ll admit. I have the white streaks.

They definitely aren’t as noticeable as yellowing, but it really isn’t healthy to use too much fluoride.

If your drinking water comes from a well, there is a chance that you are drinking water treated with fluoride.

Fluoride is also found in most toothpastes (though you can get natural toothpastes with little to no fluoride), and mouthwashes.

Try This Natural Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

There are even prescription strength mouth rinses that have a lot of fluoride in them.

While fluoride DOES keep the tooth enamel strong, too much of a good thing is not always a good thing.

4. Watch The Acids

If you get a stain on the front of your shirt and it doesn’t come out no matter how many times you wash it, you can count on whatever caused the stain to also stain your teeth.

If it will stain your clothes, it will stain your teeth, Darlings. Think curry, beets, tomato sauce, cherries, etc.

AND, foods that have lots of acid in them contain the added bonus of staining AND weakening the enamel, enabling more stains to attach to the teeth.

Foods and beverages such as:

  • Red Wine
  • Coffee
  • Soft Drinks Of Any Kind
  • Some Dark Sauces Such As Balsamic Vinegar Or Soy Sauce Based
  • Sugar
  • Artificial Sweetener
  • Black Tea
  • Alcohol
  • Citrus Foods Or Drinks

…….All contain acids that can stain and wear away enamel.

Using a toothpaste such as Sensodyne (I swear by it), will help to strengthen enamel.

And, might I mention, has really helped with my tooth sensitivity.

To get a full list of foods and beverages that are high in acidity, follow this link.

5. Keep Your Mouth Hydrated

Dry mouth and lack of saliva production.

This can lead to a thinning of the enamel.

When you eat or drink something, your saliva helps to wash away any residue that may stick to the teeth and cause staining or weakening of enamel.

If you have dry mouth, I highly recommend trying Biotene. It is completely tasteless which is great for those that can’t stand the strong taste and smell of regular mouthwash, and it cleans and helps to keep the mouth Moisturizing Mouthwashmoisturized.

Click Here To Try A Moisturizing Mouthwash

6. Avoiding The Dentist

OK, now we all know it is best to visit the dentist every six months.

When it comes to keeping teeth healthy and white, this is a MUST!

I know not everyone loves having their teeth scraped as much as I do. Seriously. I have my hygienist clean me to sleep every night if I could. So relaxing.

But, you have to keep the tarter and plaque at bay in order to maintain a pearly white smile.

Don’t skip the regular dental visits.

7. Genetics

Unfortunately, some of us are born without a lot of enamel.

If you naturally have thin enamel, the dentin (inner part of tooth), will show through, and it has a naturally yellow appearance.

This is a case in which you might not be able to do a whole lot about your tooth color, because trying to whiten at home or at the dentist with already thin enamel will not help with tooth color, and might damage the tooth, causing sensitivity (take it from yours truly).

8. Smoking Or Chewing Tobacco

Come on, if you know me at all you knew it was coming!

Nicotine and a long list of other VERY HARMFUL ingredients in both cigarettes and chewing tobacco will stain your teeth horribly.

Fortunately, this one is completely preventable, but unfortunately, it is not easy to make the change.

9. Don’t Overdo It With The Whitening

I have learned the hard (and painful) way that over whitening is not going to make teeth whiter. It IS, however, going to cause incredibly painful sensitivity.

Celebrities that have blindingly white teeth are not sitting at home with whitening strips and treatments whitening their teeth every other day.

They pay a lot of money to safely whiten.

Teeth Whitening

Don’t be fooled into thinking that whitening more often will lead to a whiter smile.

Usually, when you whiten at home, the ingredients in the whitener are stripping away the outermost enamel on the tooth. Not good. Or healthy. Especially if you have sensitive teeth.

10. Trauma (past or present)

If you fell off of a chair and knocked every single one of your baby teeth out when you were young (who would do that?, you might ask. I’ll give you one guess.), and had to get caps placed on the mess that was leftover after surgery, you might have some discoloration on your adult teeth because the nerve was damaged.

Any sort of trauma to the tooth as a child (while the teeth are still developing), can cause discoloration.

Similarly, any sudden trauma to adult teeth can cause nerve damage or damage to the dentin, causing a grayish brown color to appear.

Usually these types of things can be addressed at the dentist’s office, so don’t worry 🙂

Well, there you have it!

Just a few things that could be causing discolored teeth. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that can be done to prevent teeth yellowing, you just have to stay informed and be proactive!

Thanks for stopping by!

Have you had any luck with teeth whitening, or have any tips to keep teeth looking fresh and white? Leave comments below!

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Have a blessed and beautiful day, Lovelies!

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