Waxing At Home- A Step-By-Step Guide

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If you are a little tight in the budget, or are not able to get to the salon, or simply don’t want anyone to be all in your business, waxing at home is for you!!

I am going to walk you through a simple process that will help to get you started if you wish to remove body and facial hair at home, using a method that I find to be the most effective- excluding permanent hair removal.

Ever since I had my precious baby girl, I have been a little limited in the things that I can get out and do, that don’t involve her in tow the entire time, but hey, that’s no reason to let my eyebrows grow until they join in the middle, now is it?!

I decided to bring out my waxing machine and just take care of my own eyebrows, and it’s been so much easier to manage!

Below I will explain the basic process of waxing using a hot wax, and ill also give you a list of necessary supplies

. Now, don’t get overwhelmed if it seems a little difficult at first. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be really happy that you took this route!

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The Framework Of The Face

Beautifully arched eyebrows

Ever wondered why eyebrow shaping is such a hot commodity?

Well, a correctly shaped eyebrow arch is essential for correctly framing your face, providing symmetry, and accenting the eyes.

For those of you that are blessed enough to have those thick, dark eyebrows…you already have a beautiful frame, and it probably only needs to be doctored up a little to provide a good, clean arch.

For those of us that have fine, light colored eyebrows, there are some great things out there to help us achieve the look we are going for, should we wish to add some color or thickness.

A beautifully shaped eyebrow can make all the difference in the way that your face looks.

When we were younger, my little brother (who is now 25 and would kill me if he saw this), decided that, in order to look like his favorite wrestler, he had to make a few…adjustments to his physical appearance. He shaved both of his eyebrows off. Completely.

From a distance he kind of resembled an egg with a body. Haha…you get the point.

Eyebrows make a huge difference!


Let’s Get Started!

Hot wax setup
  1. OK, for starters, we are going to be referring to warm wax in this post, and the example given will be for eyebrows. I believe it’s a bit easier to work with if you are just beginning.
  2. Take a deep breath. Take your time.
  3. You will want to have your wax warmer ON, and on the low setting. You can turn it to the high setting to get it hot quicker, but then always return it to low or medium. Girlfriend you do not wanna scald yourself with this stuff!

    Wax warmer
    Wax warmer on low/medium setting
  4. Use the spatula to stir the wax around to make sure that it is smooth and melted. If it is not fully melted, wait until it is, or you will get big, stringy clumps, and the wax will go places that you did not intend it to.

    use wooden spatula to stir wax
    Use the wooden spatula to stir wax
  5. Next, I recommend taking a cotton round and cleaning your brows with a pre wax cleansing solution. It will remove the oil, makeup, and debris from your brows, and the wax will adhere much better to the hair.
  6. Now, take the brow brush and brush your eyebrows in the natural direction, taking care to form an arch right above the pupil of your eye. If you look directly in the mirror you should be able to match the arch up with your pupil.
  7. GAME TIME. Take the wooden spatula and dip the tip in the wax. You will probably have a string hanging down off of the spatula, so twirl the spatula round until all the wax is on the spatula.
  8. Apply the wax JUST UNDER the brow, following very carefully along the bottom line, and closely following the arch. It is perfectly fine if you get a little wax on your eyebrow, just make SURE that when you apply the linen strip that it is not touching the part that you don’t want removed.
  9. Once the wax is in place, take a fabric or linen strip and apply it directly on top of the wax. (You might be a little worried about the wax expanding under the strip. Don’t be. It should stay in place).

    Fabric and linen wax strips
  10. Press down for a few seconds, and then, beginning at the edge of the eyebrow closest to your ear, pull the strip off. Make sure that you are pulling the skin very taut opposite the direction you are pulling the strip. Pull the strip AGAINST the grain of the hair.
  11. Great job!! You have successfully gotten past the scariest part! Now, if you would like, follow along the top of the brow with the wax, and repeat the same steps.
  12. Move over the other eyebrow and finish it up, then apply wax right in between the two brows, just above the nose. In this area, don’t overdo it. Don’t go all the way to either eyebrow with the wax. Tweezers can clean up what is left behind.
  13. Be sure to apply a linen or fabric strip vertically for this area, and pull the strip in a downward position when removing.
  14. When you are finished with the wax, you can choose to trim your brows a bit if you feel that they are a little long. Simply brush your brows in a downward position with the brow brush, and use the brow scissors to trim whatever appears to be hanging down too low. Trim in small, horizontal strokes, with the sharp edge of the scissors pointed toward the nose. Slow and steady wins the race, here.

    Brow scissors, brow brush, tweezers
  15. Nice job!! When you are satisfied with the way the brows look, dab a little post epilation solution onto a cotton round to remove any extra wax that is left behind.
  16. Brush brows in a natural direction, defining the arch.
  17. Tweeze any hairs that are leftover.
  18. You’re all finished!

NOTE: Never, ever go over any area twice with hot wax!!

Skin could be burned, or removed. If you miss a spot, or see a few stray hairs, tweeze them.

If you are planning to use your wax warmer for anyone other than yourself, be sure to use a new wooden spatula anytime you dip into the wax.

You do not want to contaminate the wax.

If you are feeling irritation in the area that has been waxed, a cooling aloe vera post epilation gel can help to soothe the skin.

Pre and post epilation lotions

If you are using fabric or linen strips that are not cut for eyebrow waxing, you will need to cut them to be about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch in width so that they do not cover the eyebrow from top to bottom.

Be sure to stop using any topical Retinol, AHA, or BHA topical solutions at least one week before waxing.

Do not exfoliate for two to three days prior or post wax.

Thank you all so much for stopping by!

For your convenience, I’ve posted links under the “Supplies” section above, if you are looking for any of the needed supplies.

The supplies that can be viewed in the links are the ones that I, personally, recommend for best results.

Any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below!

As always, have a beautiful blessed day!

With love,


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