20 Uses For Ginger Essential Oil

Oh, morning sickness. How I do not miss you.

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Let’s talk about Ginger Essential Oil.Ginger Essential Oil

I became familiar with some uses for Ginger Essential Oil when I was pregnant with my first child, and basically rendered helpless with the overwhelming nausea and vomiting I was experiencing.

When I was able to return to my massage practice after taking several weeks off to recover, I began using Ginger in my everyday routine to alleviate the nausea, so that I could work without interruption.

I found the oil to be pretty effective, and I have since discovered many more ways to use Ginger Essential Oil!

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Here are some ways that this empowering oil can be used:

1. Loss Of Appetite

Using a few drops of Ginger in an essential oil diffuser or applying to the temples and wrists can help with appetite loss due to nausea.

2. Arthritis

Arthritis is a pesky, painful problem that many people suffer with on a daily basis. Because Ginger contains anti inflammatory components, it can be used directly on the area of concern to help remedy inflammation.Ginger To Cure Arthritis

If the arthritis chronic (occurring in many places on the body), dilute Ginger oil with a carrier such as Sweet Almond Oil, and massage into the joints as needed.

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3. Loosen Mucus and Relieve Cough

Ingesting Ginger Oil and the Ginger Root itself is often effective in the treatment of sore, achy throat, and the loosening of mucus in the chest.

The result is a lessening of mucus related cough and congestion.

I recommend adding a drop or two to a beverage such as green tea with honey, or diluting a drop of the oil in a spoonful of honey.

4. Colic

My advice is to be extremely cautious when using essential oils in the vicinity of an infant or young child.

You should NOT directly apply this essential oil to anyone under the age of six. I don’t personally find anything harmful about the oils at all, but always take precaution and diffuse the oil instead of applying it directly to a child.Ginger Helps Colic

Apply a few drops to an essential oil diffuser and diffuse for up to an hour at a time to help alleviate colic.

5. Cramps and Sore Muscles

Since Ginger Oil smells pretty nice, I would often add a few drops to my carrier oil when performing a massage, and it would work to soften the skin and warm the muscle tissue. Two birds with one stone!

Using a carrier oil, dilute a few drops of Ginger oil, and massage liberally onto muscles to help to relieve cramping, and to bring relief to sore, tired muscles.

6. Digestive Disorders And Discomfort

This is a great use for Ginger Essential Oil, because this condition is so difficult to address and treat without the use of medicine.

Ginger For Abdominal PainGinger Essential Oil contains an enzyme that assists the digestive system in breaking down protein, therefore alleviating digestive discomfort and gas.

To treat this problem, dilute a drop or two of the essential oil in a beverage (such as soy milk or tea), evaluate the results, and repeat as needed. Do not ingest more than twice a day.

7. Scented Shampoo

I love a great smelling shampoo!

For some reason the woodsy-warm scent of Ginger Essential Oil is sooo nice and calming.

If you add it to your favorite shampoo (I would recommend selecting one with a mild scent so that the two scents don’t clash), it will also create a warming sensation on the scalp which is amazing in the winter, or after a hectic day.

Don’t overdo it. Just a couple of drops, and you can adjust the amount as you go. Less is more, ya’ll 🙂

8. Influenza

Yuck. The flu will really get you down!

Because of the antiseptic properties in the Ginger oil, you can nip some symptoms of the flu in the bud.

Also, it will bring a calming affect to the stomach and digestive tract, allowing for the relief of nausea and vomiting.

Diffuse using an essential oil diffuser, or apply to temples and wrists.

In this case, you would also probably have success applying the oil to the Reflexology points of the feet and hands.

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9. Impotence

OK, guys. I obviously haven’t tried this one out. But there are testimonies that adamantly state that it works.

And hey, it’s worth a try to attempt a solution with a natural form of medicine.

10. Memory Retention

A drop or two of Ginger Essential Oil applied to the temples and to the Reflexology points of the feet is said to help keep the brain and memory stimulated.

Reflexology Session

Ginger contains stimulating properties, and can give you a jump start when you’re feeling bogged down and exhausted.

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11. Motion Sickness

Along with the nausea experienced with pregnancy, Ginger is a great remedy for motion sickness.

I wish I had known how well this worked when I lived in the curvy hills of Arkansas. Those roads will bring on the motion sickness quicker than anything!

It’s great to have a bottle of this essential oil handy when on long car rides, at amusement parks, or on boats or ships.

Nobody wants their cruise ruined by constant nausea.

Apply a drop or two at the temples and Reflexology points, or ingest a drop of the oil diluted in a beverage or in a spoonful of honey.

12. Headaches and Migraines

Nothing will ruin your day faster than a debilitating migraine.

It is for this reason that I diffuse Ginger on a pretty regular basis in my home.

Ginger can give preventative relief, and can also provide immediate relief for headaches caused by inflammation.

Diffusing in a diffuser, or added to a humidifier is the best approach here.

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13. Clear Skin

Because of its antiseptic properties, Ginger Essential Oil is well-known for its ability to help clear up acne.

If applied in slightly diluted form to the face in the evening, it can kill the acne causing bacteria that accumulates both on top of and just below the surface of the skin.Ginger Essential Oil For Skin

I have used it in straight, undiluted form directly on a blemish, but because of how warm it is, I would not recommend this until you have done a patch test on the inner arm.

It is quite effective in drying up blemishes.

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14. Anti-aging And Cell Renewal

The stimulating components of the Ginger Oil are responsible for its ability to initiate cell turnover in the skin.

For this reason, it is great as a toner or as a nighttime oil applied to the face.

Definitely dilute the oil with a light carrier such as Jojoba oil or Avocado Oil, because you don’t want to put this warming oil all over your face without a buffer.

15. Muscle Sprains

As with the arthritis relief, the anti inflammatory properties in Ginger allow for pain relief in muscle sprains.

Apply diluted formula directly to effected area.

16. Energy Increase

The stimulating affect that Ginger has when applied to the temples or diffused into the air causes a potential increase in overall energy.

17. Inspires Confidence

Ginger oil is very effective on the nervous system, and can also affect our feelings.Ginger Oil Helps With Confidence

Confidence and courage seem to accompany the energy that comes from the application of Ginger, or from diffusing it into the air.

18. Anxiety and Stress

That awful feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when feeling anxious and overwhelmed can be somewhat alleviated by ingesting Ginger oil.

Dilute one to two drops in a beverage such as soy milk or tea, or in a spoonful of honey.

The result will be a feeling of calm in the stomach.

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19. Aphrodisiac

As far back as the days of the Roman Empire, Ginger Essential Oil has been used in beverages as a natural aphrodisiac.

I haven’t tried this one just yet, but it sounds intriguing!

20. Relief From Menstrual Cramps

I saved one of the best for last, girls.

I am a part of the lucky group of women that could find no relief for cramping. No medication helped at all.

Ginger Essential Oil is a natural option and holds pain-fighting components (zingibain) that fight menstrual cramps quite possibly better than painkillers sold over the counter.

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Final Thoughts

Ginger Essential Oil is amazingly effective at combating a multitude of symptoms and ailments.

Though it is natural and thought to be generally harmless by the FDA, you should always perform a patch test on the inner arm to be absolutely sure that an adverse reaction won’t occur.

If taking internally, always begin with one small drop and ALWAYS dilute. You can increase gradually (though you don’t ever really need much) as you discover your tolerance for the oil.

NEVER apply directly on young children. If attempting to treat a symptom in a child, choose to diffuse the oil into the air, and only for short spurts of time, at that.

I hope that you were able to use some of these suggestions and possibly add Ginger Essential Oil into your daily routine! As you all know, I love the oils for a reason.


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