Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick Review

I absolutely love a great matte lipstick!

A great matte dries quickly, smoothly, and stays all day! I’ve got my favorites, of course, but I always like to add to the list.

Wearing matte comes in handy if you are going to be busy for a long time (work then a night out), and don’t have time to reapply. You won’t have to worry about smudging it, either. The mattes, especially the liquids, stay in place pretty darn well.

Here in Oklahoma, it is WINDY. Like, Wizard of Oz on a normal Tuesday windy.

I like mattes for this very reason! When my hair blows in my face (every single time I leave the house), it does NOT GET STUCK IN MY LIPSTICK! Good enough reason to wear them the rest of my life, if you ask me 🙂

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick Review

Remember, not all Mattes are created equal. So, you need a good review.

In this review, I’ll go through applying and wearing Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in the shade Queen B, and talk about how it looks and feels.

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What I Love! Review Thumbs Up

  • THE COLOR! It’s rich and very pigmented.
  • The texture. Very creamy and smooth.
  • Girl, it is not going anywhere. I mean it is ON YOUR LIPS until you take it off.
  • Contains avocado oil, Vitamin E, AND Hyaluronic Acid (a humectant that attracts moisture).
  • There are many shades available, and you can combine different shades to contour the lips for a pouty look.
  • Cute packaging. Come on. It counts for something!
  • Dries without a “tacky” feeling.
  • Doesn’t dry out the lips.
  • Feels natural – not like there’s a layer of gunk on your lips 🙂

The MehMakeup Review Thumbs Down

  • The smell isn’t great. It’s not overpowering, but it’s sort of plastic-y and a little chemical-y. Does that make sense? The smell does go away after it dries though.
  • It isn’t easy to line the lips with the applicator that is in the tube. You might have to use a thinner liner brush, or use a liner. I used a brown based nude color like this one.
  • Not easy to take off. The downside of it staying on all day….it’s rough to get off. I use a makeup wipe like this to get my lipstick off, but I was scrubbing for a minute.
  • This isn’t really a bad thing concerning this shade, but the color swatches on the websites are a little misleading. So I tried to give very accurate pictures of what this shade looks like.

So, for starters – when you are going to wear a matte color, you should definitely begin with exfoliating the lips.

You can use a lip exfoliator, or you can use a toothbrush and just gently brush over the lips. You want to have a smooth palette, because as a general rule, matte lipsticks don’t have a lot of moisture in them. You’ll be able to see any dry skin and it will look like you forgot to wipe the crumbs off of your mouth after eating a cookie 🙂

Once you have finished exfoliating, if you would like to use a liner, this is the time to do it!

I lined very lightly just to keep the color contained, but honestly I think that this color looks nice without lining. It’s such a great shade – it’s bright enough not to blend in with the skin, but subtle enough not to overpower.

If you are lining, I always recommend lining slightly outside of the lips with a neutral.

If you are going for a plump, full effect, the extra space really makes a lot of difference.

After lining comes application. I’m applying here:

Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick in Queen B

If you aren’t lining, the applicator brush is a little thick, so allow a little room for that.

With a matte lipstick, you want to apply with the mouth open like I am demonstrating. If not, it might crack when you do open your mouth or smile, and there will be little cracks running vertically down the lips. I’m sure you’ve seen it, and it’s hard not to stare! Not pretty!

The lipstick should dry within a few seconds. It did for me, anyway. Definitely wait until it is dry before pursing lips together. Mattes don’t work like glosses, and if you try to put your lips together to spread the lipstick out, you’ll mess up the application and it will look streaky.

Finally, when you are finished applicating, you can take a little bit of concealer ( I use Tarte Shape Tape in Light Sands) with a small concealer brush, and clean up the edges.

Applying Concealer

In the photos, I am applying a little around the bottom, and right at my cupid’s bow. Applying at the cupid’s bow will give you a little bit of a pouty effect, as well.

Applying concealer

You can also put highlighter at the very edge of the cupid’s bow…but not too much!

I use The Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit because it has four shades, including a bronzer.

Here is the finished product:

Melted Matte Lipstick Queen B

AND…if you love the look and feel of mattes, but want a glossy finish, you could go for that!

In this photo, I added Tarte H2O Gloss in Hang Ten.

Tarte Lip Gloss

I think the two shades go really well together, and you basically have the same finished shade, but with a lustrous gloss!

Making Matte Finish Glossy

And we are finished!

I hope this review has helped you!

Have you used the Melted Matte lipstick? If so, share your thoughts in the comment section!

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6 thoughts on “Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick Review

  1. thanks for sharingI liked the red lipstick and I liked how they explained in order to buy something with value and not red lipstick that is not good for this post as I read it I learned that my wife should buy a lip red with this matlad signature that you explained that it has the right quality and high quality

    1. Thank you for your interest! 

      Yes, it’s very important to go with quality products when you are applying them to your skin! 

      Good luck to your wife in choosing a great product.


  2. So my girlfriend is always complaining about her freshly applied lipstick being sticky and getting her hair stuck to it when she first walks outside because, like where you’re at, here in south Texas it’s ALWAYS windy. I’m just not sure if she prefers matte or glossy. Is the glossy finish the only thing different when it comes to the glossy version of this? Thank you!

    1. Eric, 

      Ugh, I empathize with her! It’s so annoying! 

      Yes, if you add a similar shade of gloss over the lipstick, the only thing different will be the glossy finish. She just needs to be sure the shade of gloss is either clear or very similar. 

      Thank you!


  3. Awesome Review, Darci. I am planning to surprise my wife with this product now. Being a man I had no idea about lady’s stuff, but you have helped me a lot through this article. My wife is going to get surprised by this product, gifted by me 🙂

    I have bookmarked your website for more of such articles I may need occasionally. 

    I’m considering your listed limitations of this product also, but I’ll give it a try. Because I’m sure PROS overcomes its CONS. Still, let me confirm with you that, do you think that it worth every penny?

    Thanks a lot for sharing this information.



    1. Akshay, 

      Hello and thanks for reading! 

      I’m so glad to hear that you are going to surprise your wife with this oil! I think she will find many great uses for it!

      You can also find a bunch of recipes for blending essential oils in my article called, “The Best Essential Oil Blend Recipes”

      And yes, I believe it is worth every penny. Lemongrass is one of the cheaper oils, so you aren’t spending much, but you’re receiving a lot!

      Thanks for stopping by!


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