Natural Remedies- Quitting Smoking Without Pills Or Patches

Essential Oils To Quit Smoking

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Quit Smoking Naturally

Three years ago, when my husband decided that he wanted to quit smoking, it wasn’t a prolonged, well-thought-out decision.

He hadn’t contemplated how difficult it would be, weighed the pros and cons, or made any sort of plan to do so.

Instead, he made up his mind one summer day when he glanced into the house from the backyard, cigarette in hand.

Our then one year old son was posted at the screen door, eyes glued on my husband, watching him intently as he smoked his cigarette.

Taylor (that’s my husband) decided in that moment that he was finished smoking. For good.

Now, he quit cold-turkey. I wouldn’t recommend that at all – for the spouse of the quitter, at least? There is nothing easy about it, and it took a while for him to adjust.

If you are trying to quit smoking, whatever your reason, I have comprised a list of a few essential oils that could be invaluable on your journey.

Not only can these oils help you to quit, but I’ve included a few that could be of assistance in repairing the damage done by smoke inhalation and the effects it has on the body.

If you’re set on quitting but don’t know where to start (or if the patches give you the uncontrollable hiccups like they did my mom ?) Keep reading!


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My mother used to smoke clove cigarettes under the pretense that “They aren’t AS BAD for you”. Well, that may be true…but not smoking at all is much better!

Clove Essential Oil is a warm, cinnamony, very potent oil – and is one of the main ingredients in the ever popular Thieves oil.

When used directly on the body (you need to be careful not to over apply because it feels just like it smells!), Clove will provide a long-lasting scent which can induce a good, deep sleep, and has an effect that drives off the sudden urge to have a cigarette.

Clove is most effective for addiction when placed on the tongue in a single drop.

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The taste can kick the urge to light up.

If you have never tried the Thieves toothpaste, now would be a great time to start. It contains the Thieves essential oil, and your whole mouth will feel fresh, with the bonus of a total annihilation of bad breath germs.

There is also a Thieves mouthwash that I would use when I had a sore throat (worked like a charm, and you can even swallow it when you are finished swishing so that it has contact with the whole area?), and with the high content of Clove present, it could be stashed away in a purse or desk drawer and used at particularly difficult times.


Lowered Vitamin C in blood levels is a common side effect of smoking, and, much like the fruit, Orange Essential Oil contains a high level of bioflavenoid activity which assists in the absorption of Vitamin C.

As a skin care specialist, I can tell you that there are a number of Vitamin C serums and products that do not work at all because they contain a derivative of Vitamin C….the most effective way to absorb the vitamin is the by taking in the real thing – and in order for that to happen, you need the assistance with absorption that orange and other citrus oils can offer.

Another wonderful benefit to Orange Oil is that it can bring on a feeling of peace and happiness, helping one to overcome feelings of depression.

Diffusing Orange into the air is one of the best ways to make use of it. You’ll need a diffuser that can cover the amount of space you’ll be occupying, and be sure to use a cotton ball if your diffuser calls for one.Orange Essential Oil

Orange is also very effective when applied to the tongue, but as with any oil, if you intend to use it in a way that it can be internally ingested, make sure that you are using a 100% therapeutic grade oil – not some cheap one that you ordered for 99 cents!

Don’t Have A Diffuser? Find One Here! 

?Neroli (Orange Blossom)

This oil differs slightly from Orange Oil.

It is extracted from the flowers of the orange tree, and is excellent in aiding in the repair process of skin cells.

In my practice, when I had a client with dull, sluggish skin, age spots, or was a smoker, I would add a few drops of oil to my facial steamer and let the client sit under the steamer for about 10 – 15 minutes. This allowed for the pores to open and the oil to break through and work its magic!

This oil has actually been thought to shed skin cells and stimulate new cell growth.

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Why is this important for smokers or those in the quitting process?

Every time you light up, the facial skin is absorbing all the harmful chemicals that are given off. Wrinkles form and deepen over time, the skin can take on a tinted color and develop spots, moisture is depleted…so on.

This particular essential oil can work to repair damage already done.

It has also been used successfully to treat such mental conditions as depression and anxiety, and will also bring feelings of hope and happiness.

Nervous tension can be alleviated with the oil, as well as fear and stress related conditions.

If you would like to double up on your citruses and really get your spirits up, try mixing a little Lemon Oil with the Neroli.

If you’d like a more perfumed scent, try adding a bit of Rose Essential Oil.

Diffusing is a great way to make good use of this oil, or a blend, but you can also apply straight to body.

Make sure to test out a small patch of skin before going crazy, though!

?Black Pepper

This great multipurpose oil is perfect for addiction in general! Alcohol addiction and smoking are two things that black pepper has been proven to help with.Black Pepper Essential Oil

With its spicy, warm undertone, could actually be used all throughout the day on the wrists as a pleasant scent.

It provides comfort and warmth, and aids in cellular oxygenation – something quite necessary to counteract the vasoconstricting effect that smoking has on the body.

Diffusing is acceptable with black pepper, but experiment with a little first. It can become overpowering very quickly.

For best results, apply to body with a little dilution (I use sweet almond oil or coconut oil), or applied to the tongue in one drop increments.


This oil is a lovely little blend made by YoungLiving. There are other renditions of Purification out there, but the YoungLiving brand is what I had always used in my practice, and in my essential oil diffuser at home for a multitude of things.

The individual oils in this blend are:

Citronella – deodorizes and purifies odors in the air
Lemongrass – you’re all aware by now that this is one of my all time faves, and you can see why in this article! For the recent quitter of smoking, it lifts the spirit and acts a vasodilator. It also increases the flow of oxygen throughout the body.
Rosemary Cineol – This oil also acts to improve the circulation throughout the body
Melaleuca – works to cleanse and detoxify the blood
Lavandin – can act in the repair of tissue and is an antibacterial
Myrtle – improves oxygenation, helps to discharge mucus, aids in decongestion, and gives an overall euphoric and elevating feeling

This blend oil is actually one of the most effective in helping to keep spirits high while in the quitting process.

It helps you to keep a good emotional stability and balance.

The ways to use it are also endless. Diffusing, using a cotton ball in the vent of your car to get the smokey smell out, applying directly to temples and wrists to detoxify and replace the smell of cigarette smoke that may be clinging to clothes, and it also works wonderfully with Thieves, the oil blend I discussed earlier in this post!

The wonderful thing about Essential Oils is that they can be used repeatedly, usually when needed unless otherwise noted, unlike many medications.

If you are ready to get started, take a glance at your collection to see what you’ve got, or I have linked all the oils mentioned throughout the article. They are highlighted in blue.

You Can Do This!??

Whether you’re just beginning or in the final stages of throwing away the habit for good, you can do it! Keep going no matter what, and remember that your body and mind will continue to thank you for the rest of your life!

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