My Fourth Of July Makeup – The Best Red Lip Ever!

Fourth of July Makeup

Hello Beautiful!

Independence Day is fast approaching, fireworks stands are popping up alongside the highways, prayers are being said that a poorly and hastily made smoke bomb will not erupt in my kids’ faces(#helicoptermom?)….and temperatures are RISING!

When I was considering what Fourth Of July makeup I wanted to experiment with, I knew I needed to work with something that wasn’t going to melt – or sweat?- away, and something that would stay all day, and all night into the festivities.

So, here’s what I came up with?

Some of the products used are drugstore favorites, and others are new products I’ve received that I’m trying out.

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Check out the finished product:

Fourth Of July Makeup

To be honest, I rarely go for a bold lip AND a super bold eye. As you can see, I have HUGE eyes:

Smokey Eye Look

I seriously used to believe I would grow into them. Lol.

If I overdo it, the look ends up looking a bit crazy….so as a general rule, I normally keep it a bit more simple.

HOWEVER…it’s the Fourth of July. So why not?

? The Staples

? Lip color

? Smokey Shade In Outer Corner and Lower Liner

? Amazing Blue Highlighter

Let’s talk about the star of the show, first.

This lip color is by far the BEST matte finish stain I have come across.

Yves Saint Lauren Lip Color

Yves Saint Laurent Lip Stain

I received it as a sample size, and I was very excited to open it and see that it is a cool red. Perfect for my skin tone.

Words of wisdom* Be very careful with this shade if you have fair skin. It can end up looking like red crayon.

Yves Saint Laurent is, of course, NOT cheap. But hey, what can we expect for a product that applies as beautifully as this one does?

It smells wonderful (not gross chemical smell like a lot of other lip stains), and it did NOT make my lips feel dry, nor did they appear dry for the duration of the wear.

Red Lip Look

Oh, and get this…though it stays on for a long time, it was easy to take off.

Want To Try Yves Saint Laurent Lip Stain? Click Here

Another word of wisdom* Don’t get this color on your clothes. It will not come out. Like ever. That’s why these photos are taken in a sports bra lol.

? Pro Tip: When wearing a red lip color, always exfoliate the lips first. You can purchase an exfoliator made specifically for lips, or use a dry tooth brush to lightly scrub them

Moving on…the eye look.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Like stated above, I used several drugstore makeup products that I have loved for a while.

I used a couple of the new brushes I’ve received for this eye look:

Eye Shadow Brushes

You can get these brushes here

Oh, and while were talking application, I found the CUTEST little gemstone shaped beauty blending sponges. They’re super soft. Which was a nice change of pace from the rock-like sponge I was using ?

Soft Beauty Blending Sponges

Get Your Own Similar Beauty Blending Sponges Here

The base color for most of the lid is Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art.

You can use it as a shadow, an eyeliner, and you can even use the glitter on top of your mascara to give your lashes a pop of color and sparkle.

I used the shade Cobalt Crystal for this look.

The wonderful thing about the creamy eye shadow is that you can use it in place of concealer to do a cut crease look, and it gives you a base color so that the color placed on top of it will pop BIG TIME.

You can also use it as a priming color to hold other shadows in place.

The one downfall to this product that I have come to notice is that is does dry on the eyelid very quickly, so you don’t have a ton of time to get it situated, and you will feel it on your lid once it is dry. It’s not too bad, though.

I used the glitter end to accentuate my crease (this makes your eyelid appear larger).

?Pro Tip: To make bright colored eye shadows to pop, apply either a layer of white shadow or an eye shadow primer on the lid first.

For the rest of the eye look, I dug deep in my collection and found the long-lost Estee Lauder palette that I used to use ALL. THE. TIME when I wore my blue contacts (which I now realize wasn’t the greatest idea because you could totally tell they were contacts?), and I haven’t used it much since.

When I pulled it out and started applying… I was wondering why in the world I hadn’t used it in so long!

The color pay off is great, and it is of course a great quality.

The palette I used is the Pure Color palette in Film Noir.

Each color is great, especially to build up a smokey eye, but the real look-maker here is the matte black in the center.

When you’re building up a dark eye look, your black has got to be VERY pigmented so that when you pack on color you are not having to apply 232847384 layers in order to achieve the look you are going for.

This black is where it’s at, girls. However, any quality black with a lot of pigment will work beautifully. Keep in mind that it is important, when going for a smokey eye, to come around the corner of the top lid and come down onto the bottom lid, blending and smoothing as you go. If you don’t do this, the look will be cut off at the top and from the side you will look like you wiped off the bottom half of your eye makeup.

I did use each of the other shades in the build up as well.

The beautiful sparkle over most of the inner and middle lid that you are seeing is the result of one of my favorite palettes…The Urban Decay Moondust Palette.

Oh. My Sparkle. I used the only blue shade in the palette, Vega.

It is pigmented, and looks great applied wet or dry.

I mention this palette in another of my posts. If you follow this link you can see some pictures of the open palette.

?Pro Tip: Use a wet eye shadow brush to apply shadow that you wish to be more highly concentrated and pigmented on the lid.

?Pro Tip: If you need your look to stay put for a long day/night, spray your eye shadow brush with setting spray to wet it before applying each shadow shade.

OK, you guys.

Before this last year, I was unaware there were so many shades of highlighter. I never got too crazy with highlighter on my clients because you don’t want to appear shiny on your big day, and the flashback from photos could be a disaster if you use too much highlighter.

Blue Tinted Highlighter

Illuminating Highlighter

Get Your Highlight Palette Here

This highlighter has a beautiful blue tint.

Under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn’t have used this. I am SO glad I did.

It goes great with the color palette used, and it’s subtle enough to wear on normal days when you are wearing cool blues or greens.

The pictures don’t do it justice, but I didn’t want to alter the original color in editing.

I received this product in a bag I ordered, and unfortunately don’t have the specific link to it, but I’ve linked to a highlighting palette with very similar colors in the link above ?

These are the other products that I used in this look, and I have provided the links to the products below if you’d like to give them a try!

Full Face Makeup Look

  1. No “Poreblem” Priming Water
  2. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation
  3. Ulta Waterproof Full Coverage Concealer
  4. Urban Decay Moondust Palette
  5. Estee Lauder Pure Color Palette in Film Noir
  6. Revlon Photo Ready Eye Art in Cobalt Crystal
  7. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Gel Liner in Blackest Black
  8. Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder

I thank you for taking the time to stop in, ladies!

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Do you have any tips or tricks for red lips and smokey eyes? If so, leave them below! Share the wealth!

Have a beautiful, blessed day, and a Happy Fourth Of July!

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