Lemongrass Essential Oil Benefits – Nature’s Air Freshener!

Lemongrass Essential Oil

I’ll be up-front with you. I am not au-naturale. And I don’t mean naked.

I use toothpaste with fluoride. I wash my hair with shampoo that sudses. I sometimes use deodorant with aluminum in it (I’m gonna work on that one). And I certainly don’t go without makeup, though I have the utmost respect for those naturally gorg women who do!

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However!! I LOVE MY ESSENTIAL OILS!!Essential oils My husband sometimes avoids me because he thinks I smell like a “tree”. I am constantly applying them, and dropping them in my bath water, and secretly adding them to the water in our humidifier (shhhh).

If you’re thinking, 1. Why do you need a humidifier in Oklahoma? Well, it’s nose-bleed dry here in the winter. Or 2. Shouldn’t you be using a diffuser? YES. Don’t put oils in your humidifier. It might clog it. But I am in the process of purchasing another diffuser at the moment :).

But I digress. Essential oils are applicable to every symptom, stress, and sanitation issue IN LIFE!! And it just so happens that Lemongrass is my absolute favorite single oil, and I’ll tell you why.


I mean, I really would like to smell pleasant when I am in Pilates, or even just picking my child up from school. And I don’t always care to wear perfume. It’s too much at times.

Lemongrass oil smells sort of like it sounds. Like fresh, zesty lemon, with an earthy under note.

It’s amazing.

Not to mention that, when you apply it to your wrists, it lasts ALL. DAY. LONG.

It is, in my opinion, the absolute best essential oil to use as a perfume. Besides the blends that I discussed in my post The Best Essential Oil Blends.

If you are using Lemongrass in an essential oil diffuser, it can be used alone, or with complimentary oils. It will blend well with most oils in the citrus, mint, herbaceous, and wood families. Which gives you a lot of room to experiment and find what you like the best.

Personally, I recommend trying a mix of Lemongrass/Cedarwood/Lavender. But that’s my preference :).

Keep in mind that Lemongrass’ scent is strong. It only takes maybe one to two drops if you are utilizing it as a perfume or air freshener.

Like oils such as Jasmine and Clove, it can quickly over power other oils, so when mixing be sure to add gradually.

2. Tummy Control

Besides being a staple seasoning in Asian cuisine, Lemongrass is also quite delicious when used in tea, soup, or detox water.Detox Water

It’s considered a tonic of sorts, and has been linked to the killing of parasitic bacteria.

When ingested, Lemongrass has been thought to possible relieve nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps.

If that’s not enough, it also works internally to detox the intestinal tract, kidneys, pancreas, and bladder – and may be an effective natural diuretic. All great stuff.

3. Alleviating Muscle Pain and Headaches

Lemongrass Relieves Headaches

This one I took advantage of quite often in my massage and practice, and I even used I quite regularly while giving facials.

First of all, if you are going to be applying the oil to a large area of body, you will definitely need to do a patch test.

Anyone who has ever over-used Peppermint or Wintergreen knows what I mean 🙂

Dab a drop of oil onto the wrist, or right behind the ear. Wait a while to be sure that there will not be an allergic reaction, or that the skin is not reacting adversely in any way. Though Lemongrass is relatively thin in consistency, it can spread and cause extreme skin irritation.

Also, even if you are certain that you will not react adversely, I highly recommend diluting Lemongrass oil with a carrier oil, such as Sweet Almond Oil, or Fractionated Coconut Oil. Again, the scent is very potent, and diluting will also ensure that you are stretching the essential oil as far as possible. No one likes to waste money!

Massage the diluted oil into tired, sore muscles until an adequate amount has been absorbed.

If you have a pesky headache (I usually don’t have much luck with Lemongrass and full on migraines), I recommend using fingertips to massage one or two drops of the oil (either diluted or undiluted), into the temples. You can also apply at the nape of the neck.

By inhaling the oil consistently, you are heightening your body’s chance of reacting well to it.

4. Bye Bye Bugs

Because of the Geranial constituent of Lemongrass, insects- specifically mesquitos- are deterred from coming around.Lemongrass Gets Rid of Mosquitos

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I hate the smell of citronella candles. Ick. And they are much more expensive than a diluted solution of Lemongrass and water!

If you want to use this oil as a repellent for yourself while you’re at a ball game, or lounging around the pool, just grab an empty cosmetic spray bottle and drop a few drops of Lemongrass into it. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, and shake.

If you feel like it is too diluted, you can always add more Lemongrass. That’s another reason I love essential oils…there’s a lot of room to play around with formulas!

You can also spray some solution around your home (I would spray directly on your home if you have got light colored siding, brick or stucco, because it does have a bit of a yellow tint to it). This solution can be far less diluted since yo will not be spraying it all over your body.

Another great tidbit- if you have flowers or vegetables growing in your yard, as I do, the Lemongrass repellent will not harm them as other repellents may.

5. Baby Proof Cleaner

Dilemma: My littlest is one year old, and completely attached at the hip to me. If I need to clean a household surface with something like bleach or PineSol…I can’t do it until she is in bed in the evening because I don’t want her to get her hands or mouth near the cleaner.

Lemongrass Natural Cleaner
Mix In a Dark Bottle To Preserve The Shelf Life Of The Lemongrass

Solution: Yay!! Lemongrass has strong anti-bacterial properties. Strong enough to kill bacteria on household surfaces, yet gentle enough to be applied to socks and shoes to prevent athletes foot!

Similarly to the bug-repellent spray, you can mix up a handy solution of Lemongrass and water in a large spray bottle, and you’re all set to clean any surface without the fear of your little one or animal getting it in their mouths.

There are several other essential oils that are great for cleaning and disinfecting, but I’ll cover those in another article.

If you are making a cleaning solution with Lemongrass oil, you might also find it to be very pleasant if you add a couple of drops of Lavender.

The solution will smell WONDERFUL! And because of the potency of the oils, the scent will hang around for a long time!

Just be careful not to use too much Lemongrass. You do not want the color of the solution to be a bright yellow. It might stain surfaces.

6. Personal Hygiene

So here’s something a little less obvious.

When I was in Massage School, I worked at a gas station that served breakfast and lunch. Like…deep-fried, fat saturated breakfast and lunch. Just they way gas station food should be, by the way.

My hair would smell like fried food SO STRONG when I got home, that even after a shower it would still hang around. Gross right? The solution? You guessed it. Lemongrass!

While in the bath or shower, use two or three drops of the oil to massage into scalp and hair. You can mix it with a little shampoo or just use it by itself before shampooing.

It cuts through strong odors. You’ll get out of the shower feeling like a new person!!

This oil may also be used to tone the face.


If you are going to use it to tone the face, please please please do a patch test first. You don’t want an allergic reaction. The oil also needs to be GREATLY DILUTED. Don’t use it by itself to tone the face. I think you will find it to be entirely too strong.

I used it in my professional face steamer throughout my career to release the aroma with the steam onto my clients face during facials. It was great.

If you have a home steamer, put a few drops on a cotton ball and put it into your steamer. You will love it!

Well, there you have it!! In my posts about oils I try to select ways to use them and benefits they hold that haven’t already been listed a hundred times in other articles about the oil.

Less obvious ways to use them.

I hope this post helped you to understand the wonderful ways that Lemongrass oil can enhance your life! Like I said, I love it, and it’s one of my favorites to use all the time, for just about anything!

What is your favorite oil? Share your favorite essential oil and how you use it below!

And, if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them as well!

Have a blessed and beautiful day!



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14 thoughts on “Lemongrass Essential Oil Benefits – Nature’s Air Freshener!

  1. Marsha here. We live in northeast Texas and the mosquitoes can be horrendous! I’ve been using lemongrass for many years to keep them at bay. Your review is wonderful!  It outlines all the great benefits of lemongrass and other essential oils.  I’m one of those people who can’t wear make-up because I’m allergic, so the essential oils do help with the complexion. And, I also use them for pain because I have MS and alot of days the legs are very achy. Thank you for writing such an great review.

    1. Marsha,

      As much as I love Oklahoma and Texas, our mosquitoes are just the worst! I definitely feel for you! 

      I’m excited that you have found an alternative to makeup and skin care in the oils! Most people don’t realize that they can actually help to clear the complexion and alleviate irritation. 

      Bless you, MS is a terrible thing! I had a client with MS and I frequently used the oils on her. Seemed to help! 

      Thanks for reading and sharing your experiences!


  2. I’m a fan of Lemongrass which was first recommended to me to relieve nausea. It worked so well that I looked at the other benefits. 

    I did laugh when I read  your comment, “Keep in mind that Lemongrass’ scent is strong. It only takes maybe one to two drops if you are utilizing it as a perfume or air freshener.”  I learned that the hard way the first time I used it as an air freshener. I’m not sure how much I used but it was more than a few drops and everything in my apartment reeked of lemongrass for days. One would have thought that would have put me off, but no, I just learned how best to use it. 

    I’m also a swimmer and use it for muscle cramps and strains too – works like a charm!


    1. Mark, 

      Haha! Yes! The smell will blow you backwards if you add too much! I’m glad you still like it though! 

      I actually applied some to my temples this morning and forgot that I had exfoliated last night. Ouch. But that was a user error. Haha. 

      I love to hear the ways that people use the oils, and i am thrilled that it works so well for you with the muscle cramps and strains!! 

      Thanks for sharing, 


  3. Thank you so much for the informative post. I love essential oils, I am a little like you I almost have an obsession with it and it is a pity that not many people know and value the effect that essential oils can have on the overall well being of a person. So many ways to use them and apply them I am really glad you wrote a post about it and I hope as many people as possible will read it. I will definately share!

    1. Barbara, 

      Thank you! I’m so happy that i have some fellow oil lovers out there! They really are a remedy for so many ailments, and just to overall bring the spirits up! 

      After working in massage therapy for so many years, I’m definitely hooked on them and will be experimenting with more blends all the time! Thank you for sharing!



  4. Darci, I really enjoyed your lemongrass post.  It is down-to-earth, breezy and doesn’t get all woo-woo about it.

    I’ve been an aromatherapy and essential oils aficionado for years and have used the oils for everything you’ve mentioned in the post.  With proper precautions, as you say, the oils are a heck of a good way to add richness and nuance to your everyday life.  

    Some of my friends go overboard, of course.  One of my other friends who is particularly sensitive to smells, has a habit of discouraging hugs because of the overwhelming effect of being enveloped in a cloud of too much scent.  

    Missing out on her good hugs is a sad thing….

    1. Netta, 

      Thank you! Haha, i am pretty down-to-earth, and I know exactly what you mean by going overboard. 

      I do love the smell, but I don’t want to smell it in the grocery store on someone three aisles over! 

      I understand the cloud of scent part as well. As a massage therapist, I had clients who were very sensitive to scents and I had to be very careful!

      Thanks for reading!


  5. Hi Darci

    Lemongrass is so versatile. I especially like the mosquito repelling factor. It can also be used as a cleaner that is safe around children, fabulous. I like the thought of a  Lemongrass/Cedarwood/Lavender combo. I really like Lavender. Lemongrass seems to be a very good oil that can be used for a lot of different things. I appreciate all of your help. Thank you. 

    1. Kari, 

      You’re welcome, and thank you for reading!

      That combination of oils is so nice, and is one of the better blends to diffuse into the air, if you ask me. It gives a very clean smell, with some woodsy undertone. And it is definitely safer to use around children than household cleaners with harmful chemicals! 

      Glad that you found this article helpful! 


  6. I feel funny with your this statement:- “My husband sometimes avoids me because he thinks I smell like a tree”. Lol. However, I’m on your side. I agree that Lemongrass oil smells like fresh, zesty lemon, with an earthy under the note. And, I love the way of your article presentation. Since I use Lemongrass essential oil, so I completely agree with with you. However, I’ve never tried mixing Lemongrass with Lavender and Cedarwood. Now I will definitely try it. Yes, Lemongrass essential oil is very beneficial and I can say that from my personal experience. It has helped me to relieve nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. I have a migraine and I always use lemongrass essential oil to massage my head whenever I have head pain.

    1. Deraj, 

      Haha, yes my husband doesn’t always like the way some of the oils smell. But I’m working on changing that!

      So glad to hear that you use Lemongrass. When you mix it with the Lavender and Cedarwood, be sure to use less Lemongrass than the other two oils, because it can quickly overpower them! 

      I love that you have found so many great uses for Lemongrass!


  7. I only recently began to use essential oils for anything. Our main reason to start was that our granddaughter kept coming home from school with headlice! A friend of ours who also has children that go to the same school told us she makes her own “lice prevention spray” using essential oils. We started doing that and have not had a problem with headlice in the past 8 months!

    There are so many uses for these oils. I like the idea of mixing a few like lemongrass and lavendar and creating an all day “perfume”! Never would have thought of that one.

    I also love that you can use it for other things like upset stomach and headaches. Probably way better for a person than some over the counter remedy! And yet, it is tough enough to clean the house! 

    I live in Minnesota and we have a ton of mosquitos during the summer. So much so, that I don’t even like to go outside. I will definitely be trying some lemongrass solution this summer!

    1. Karin, 

      That’s wonderful to hear! Head lice are such a pain and they spread so easily! I’m glad that you found a remedy in the oils.

      And yes, one of the reasons that I love Lemongrass so much is that, like lavender, it is so multi-functional! 

      We’ve got awful mosquitos here too, and it makes going outside miserable, so this is a game changer when it comes to mosquitos! 

      Thanks for reading!


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