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This time of year, after the Christmas excitement has come to a close, you might begin to notice how tired and neglected your skin feels. There’s got to be a quick remedy, without having to splurge at the salon, right?!

Enter the facial steamer. One of my very best friends both professionally in the practice, and at home to replenish my poor skin after it has been neglected over the holidays!

If you’re reading this, you have probably been looking into purchasing a facial steamer, and I have done some of the hard work for you! I have checked out quite a few of them and have weighed the pro’s and con’s of the three that I narrowed my search down to.

Below is some helpful information, and what I would be looking for as a cosmetologist when purchasing an at home facial steamer.

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1. Okache Gliya Home Steamer


  • Steamer has a run time of about 15 minutes. This is pretty long considering the small, compact size of the steamer.
  • It has a mirror attached to it! This is pretty cool if you are trying to take your makeup off before steaming (which you should always do!)
  • There is an auto shut-off feature. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. When a steamer runs out of water, it can sputter a little, and if your face is near the opening, you could get burnt by droplets of scalding water. With the auto turn-off, the steamer will shut off when it senses it is out of water. Excellent feature.
  • It, of course, has a sleek, compact design which can be easily stored away on a counter top or in a cabinet.
  • The water is fast boiling. It takes a little over thirty seconds to boil and begin steaming. This is very quick, comparatively!
  • This steamer has a Nano Ionic Atomizer. It coverts the steam into micro fine particles that are able to easily penetrate the skin.
  • You can get it in several colors
  • If not steaming the face, this steamer can double as a humidifier, which is also essential to keeping the air and skin hydrated.

Not So Great

  • One of the things that I find most appealing about steaming is not included in this steamer. There is no designated place to put essential oils. You could drop them into the water reserve, but it can eventually clog the nozzle, forming kind of a crust around it.
  • This is a one-touch machine, meaning that there is really no way to adjust the level of steam, or the temperature.
  • This steamer is a bit more pricey than the other two I am comparing it with.

2. Beauty Nymph Home Steamer


  • This steamer DOES have an adjustable steam level. This means that you are able to control how much and how hot the steam is.
  • You would also be able to use essential oils such as Eucalyptus or Lavender in this steamer. These are great add-ins when you have a stuffy nose or are congested in the chest. They can also be super relaxing and may be absorbed easily into the skin when used in the steamer.
  • This one has a really cool inhalation add on. Like mentioned, if you are having congestion problems, you can use the inhalation attachment to breathe the steam in and it is concentrated exclusively in that area.
  • A set of blemish extraction tools are included with this steamer. Though I don’t recommend breaking the skin in any way by yourself, extraction tools can be a great way to unclog the pores after a good steaming. I seriously don’t go one day without using mine.
  • The steam usually lasts for 10-15 minutes, depending on the setting.

Not So Great

  • The high setting on the steamer is very hot. While some people like it this way, others might not be able to use the high setting at all.
  • You do have to put your face very close to the steamer, which is a downer if you are not good with small spaces, or feel anxious when having something covering your face.
  • There does not appear to be any warranty.

3. Zenpy Nano Ionic Facial Steamer


  • As the name states, this steamer also has Nano Ionic Technology, allowing the steam particles to easily penetrate the skin.
  • So…this is definitely the best looking one. In my opinion. I love rose gold, so this is pretty one 😉 If you’re going to have this setting out on your vanity or counter top…something to consider.
  • This steamer also includes the inhalation attachment, making it easy to isolate the steam to the nose and mouth to alleviate congestion.
  • The blemish remover with this steamer comes with 7, that’s right SEVEN tools. Some of them I don’t even have yet…so this might be my next purchase, haha. Pimple popping heaven.
  • It also comes with a very cute headband, if you like ears.
  • The steam appears in less than one minute, usually.
  • Has excellent user reviews

Not So Great

  • This steamer is a one-push machine, so there is no heat setting or steam setting.
  • It does exhibit a slight plastic smell throughout the first few uses
  • Stays hot for quite a while after use

Happy Steaming!!

I hope this review was helpful in your search for a home steamer! I try to use my knowledge and experience in the world of cosmetology, as well as what I desire in a product at home to come up with a comprehensive list of pro’s and con’s.

Before you begin steaming, jump over to Why You Should Start Using A Facial Steamer Today! for a few tips and tricks, and benefits.

Thanks for stopping by!

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below; I love to hear from you!

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