Head Scratching Gray Hair Myths and Why You Shouldnt Believe Them

What’s the Deal with Gray Hair?

If you are battling with it, gray hair can seem like an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

However, believe it or not, gray hair is much the same as other hair (pigmented hair), except for the fact that it has little to no pigment.

There are unfortunately a few crazy gray hair myths floating around out there that are scary and untrue, so let’s begin by examining the truth about gray hair, and then debunking the myths!

Each hair follicle contains pigment called melanin. This is what gives each strand of hair its color.

Every individual strand if hair is doing its own thing at any given time. Yep.

No two strands are the same, nor will all the strands of hair on your head be in the same stage at any given time.

As we age, the melanin in the follicle can virtually disappear, and then the hair that grows from that follicle will be of a gray or silver pigment, until there is no melanin at all, and then the hair will be white.

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Debunking the Myths


NO! STOP WHERE YOU ARE AND PUT THE TWEEZERS DOWN! Plucking a gray hair, or twelve, will not eliminate the problem unless the problem is having hair.

If you tweeze the grays that you see around the hairline, a hair may NEVER grow back in that place.

Do yourself a favor and get some permanent hair color and apply it to your new growth (roots), and this will be tons more effective.

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Also untrue. When you remove a hair from its follicle, assuming that you did not remove the follicle as well, only one will grow back in that follicle. Gray or not.

But no tweezing hairs in your head!

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Not likely, and not probable. While other factors can play a role in the graying of hair, the primary cause is genetics.

If your mother and/or father have gray hair, and if the developed it at an early age, you can pretty much count on having gray hair as well.

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Nope. I really hate that we can’t, because I’m all about staying youthful and vibrant for as long as possible, but there hasn’t been any scientific evidence to prove that gray hair can be reversed.

There ARE products that can potentially cause hair to appear thicker and fuller which may lead to the illusion of less gray and more pigment, but as far as the total reversal…not so much.

Myth- THE 50/50/50 RULE

There have been research reports in the recent past stating that it is believed that, by age 50, 50% of the population will have 50% gray hair.

However, there are so many genetic patterns for so many people.

There doesn’t seem to be a way to indefinitely determine what the exact circumstance will be for everyone.

As stated before, genetics play a large role. And race. Studies show that people of the Caucasian race begin too gray first. Followed by Asian, followed by African American.


Not exactly. Studies have also shown that people who smoke are 2 1/2 times more likely to have issues with premature aging. And being an esthetician, i can tell you that smoking, for the sake of the hair, skin, and nails, is a no-no.

Even gray hair can become tinged with an undesirable yellowish/orange when it is introduced to cigarette smoke. Also, the suns rays can “bleach out” gray hair, causing it to have a similar unwanted tinge.

There are a number of products that can be purchased to aid in the prevention and treatment of this issue.

I highly recommend grabbing a purple shampoo. This is a shampoo, just like any other, except that it has a purple hue to it which will balance out gold/yellow/orange tones.

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Now this does APPEAR to be true.

Because of the depleted melanin, the amount of moisture in the hair is also at a low level, so gray hair can become very brittle and rigid.

This causes the hair to appear and act as a coarse hair would, but really the gray hair is probably not much different from the other pigmented hairs.

Hair products for unruly and frizzy hair can be extremely helpful in these situations.

I recommend opting for a nice conditioner that has smoothing properties, and possibly a leave in cream if your hair is not too thin and fine.

Also, stay away from heated styling tools as much as possible.

The use of a curling iron or flat iron could exacerbate the issue substantially.


There are actually a few things that could be causing gray hair, outside the genetic norm.

A B12 deficiency, for example, is a possible cause. Also, a couple of rare, inherited conditions could lead to lack of pigment in hair.

Thyroid disease is another, and finally, Vitiligo. This is a condition that destroys pigment making cells in the hair and skin.

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No Gray Area

To sum things up, there are definite causes of hair becoming gray, and far-from-definite old wives’ tales that have brought about fear and a little confusion to some of us!

The crowning glory of a woman is her hair, and it is a difficult thing to embrace the changes in appearance that come with gray hair.

Hey-you may be rocking it! Many people love their hair with a little salt and pepper, or opt to keep things completely natural even as all the pigment fades.

If you prefer to cover it up, I definitely recommend a PERMANENT color, as the gray is a little difficult to fully cover with a demi or semi permanent. Either way, gray hair is much easier to maintain or color when you’re in the know!

Thanks for reading!

If you have questions or comments please feel free to leave them below, or email me at darci@mykissandmakeup.com.

Have a beautiful day!

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8 thoughts on “Head Scratching Gray Hair Myths and Why You Shouldnt Believe Them

  1. This is very informative! My husband is getting lots of grays and I’ve found a stray gray or two. Good to know not to pluck them, I think I’ve broken that rule so far, oops! I think my husband looks good with the grays…me? not so much. hah!

    1. Haha! Well, most people don’t usually go completely gray, so you’ll both likely still have quite a bit of pigmented hair left, and i like to think that the gray is a sign of wisdom and years of experience!


  2. Great post. I don’t have a lot of gray hair and in my mid 50’s but I do need to do something about the top but it’s irrelevant at this point. I figure let nature take it’s course. Your post is interesting, a lot of myths but I would suspect genetics has a lot to do with being gray or not. Well written and informative!

  3. This article really put a smile on my face. Some of these myths i have heard before, some i haven’t. I will keep in mind though that most of these myths are just that, myths. Thanks for the information. I will be sure to pass it on.

  4. I started to see grey hair here and there when I was a little child. I pulled them out.
    Now, at the age of 40, it becomes more noticeable on the sides, but I still refuse to start coloring, as I love my natural red color, though it’s not bright now as it was in my childhood.
    Do you have any special tips for red heads? Any natural coloring that can help to disguise the grey?
    My hairdresser suggested some type of stripes, but I decided against it for now.

    1. Hi, Mary! You probably have a little premature graying in your genetics, if you saw them as a child. Now, if you are seeing them more and more on the sides at the temples and hairline, and if you would like to keep and enhance your natural red, you could use a demipermanent haircolor. This is a step down from a permanent color, and it will blend the gray AND add some shine and a little more vibrance to your natural color, plus, you can choose if you’d like to add a little more warmth to your hair Your hairstylist will probably know what this is! Feel free to email me with any more questions!


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