Best BB Cream For Oily Skin- Coverage Without Shine!

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What is a BB cream? Speaking for myself, and probably others who have oily/combination skin and little time to get ready, THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD!

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A BB cream is a product, typically with a creamy formula, that is meant to even out facial tone, and if you choose a good one, cover those unsightly blemishes that a lot of us get from time to time!

It also acts as a foundation, and good BB’s are super blendable and match a lot of different skin tones with ease.

On top of these features, most BB creams will also have a sunscreen of some sort in them.

If your BB cream is missing any of these key components, you’re using the wrong one!

I’ve used a good many BB creams in my career, and I have chosen one to share with you that I find is the best bang for your buck, and that also has pretty good coverage and wearability-making it, in my opinion, the BEST BB CREAM FOR OILY SKIN!

I have used it for some time, and I haven’t found one that compared.

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream

What it is: It is a salon quality BB cream (or beauty balm). This means that it triples as a foundation, moisturizer, and sunblock.

The Proactiv Company, LLCWhat it does: This BB cream works as a creamy, workable formula that moisturizes the skin, primes for makeup, covers and evens skin tone, and has SPF 35, which shields your face from those UV rays that love to cause aging and damage.

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Let me tell you. It is RARE that you get your hands on one product that has such a wide array of uses and benefits. Here are few of the reasons why I love this product:

  • The Coverage. I could not believe that with just a small amount, my skin looked so even and fresh. I have oily/combo skin, and it is no easy task to even out. Cheap creams and foundations will cake and stick in the oily areas and not blend evenly.

  • The Quality. I would never hesitate to use this creme on my clients within my cosmetology business. Though not claiming to be non-comedogenic, this product actually reversed my breakouts, if anything. It goes on so evenly and gives your skin such a glow, that it’s quite obvious that this is a high quality product.

  • The Wearability. There are multiple shades to choose from, however unlike other BB creams/foundations, I have found that it is not crucial to choose exactly the right shade, which is great if you are a little unsure. The product blends in pretty seamlessly, and just flows into your natural skin tone. It also seemed to last most, if not all of the day.

  • IT COVERS SO MANY BASES. Basically, if you’re in a hurry, which I often am, this is the only product you need in the morning. Well, aside from lipstick and mascara– my staples. It primes, moisturizes, conceals, evens skin tone, and protects from UV rays.

  • You get a dewy glow, without oiliness. Totally do-able, by the way, with quality products. Also, when I was feeling a little pale in the winter months or from lack of sleep that comes with two small children…this cream gave me a bit of sun kissed goodness WITHOUT looking fake or unnatural.

  • Of equal importance...this product contains no talc. This is a big one. Talc clogs your pores. Bad. And if you have oily or blemish prone skin…stay away from talc.

  • The product can be built upon. If you put it on and decide you need more coverage, say for a night out, you can apply foundation over it and the foundation will glide on with all the ease of a makeup lover’s dream.

  • And, of course. Vegan, and cruelty-free :).

Oh, and…this product is not specifically formulated for oily skin. It also works wonderfully with dry, normal, combination skin. This is definitely my go-to product in the morning, and I can also say that, even when I dab it on before Pilates (because who doesn’t wear makeup to the gym, right?) it has not caused a breakout on my skin.

Not sure about using a BB Cream but still need a moisturizer?

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The Proactiv Company, LLC

Well, thanks for stopping by, folks! I hope that this product recommendation helped you!

If you have any questions or comments about BB Creams, leave them below!

As always, have a beautiful and blessed day!

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4 thoughts on “Best BB Cream For Oily Skin- Coverage Without Shine!

  1. I had no idea what BB cream was until I read this post, but wow! I need this stuff in my life like yesterday! I have horrid combo skin lol! I can never really find a foundation that matches or doesn’t make me oily! After reading this article, I cant wait to try it! Makeup is important to me because I’m an online teacher! The camera is always on! I’m definitely giving the BB cream a try! Thank you! 

    1. Kisha, 

      Great! I’m happy to help with skincare advice! 

      BB Creams are awesome for nearly every skin type, and should provide a fair amount of coverage and moisturization, without making you oily.

      I hope the cream works well for you! 

      Have a blessed day!


  2. Hello Darci. I didn’t know anything about the BB Cream but at least now I have really learned more from your experience and recommendations.
    Next time, I’ll know what to suggest to my partner! I also like your website. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing the valuable tips on the best BB Cream.

    1. Hello and thank you!

      I’m so glad you found some good info in my article! And thank you for the advice! 

      Have a wonderful day! 


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