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Hello, everyone, and welcome to Kiss and Makeup! Beauty and Jesus are things that I am extremely passionate about. In fact, I directed my career in the direction of all things beauty for the better part of ten years. I found it exciting and fun to work with people from all different walks of life, with different skin types, hair types, and (often) personality types, and now that I’m home with my babies, I have decided to use my skill set to help people feel beautiful in a virtual world.

My Journey To Beauty

As an adolescent and young adult, I shared in what many girls know to be “the awkward years”- in a physical sense, anyway. I struggled with SERIOUS breakouts, horrific haircuts, difficulty choosing beauty products that matched my skin tone (many of us are aware of the dreaded “orange hue” that comes with the wrong foundation choice), and I even went through the heavy blue eye shadow trend (gasp!).

It was around this same time, that I began my walk with God, and for goodness sakes that was the best decision I have ever made! In a young woman’s world, where physical beauty is often the most sought after trait, forming a relationship with God allowed me to have a brief glimpse into a Kingdom shaped life, and I became slowly aware of what that meant for me.

When the time came to graduate high school, after coming into myself a bit, I decided to pursue a career in the beauty industry. I excelled in many areas of the field, and went on to practice massage therapy, hair care, skin care, and professional makeup. I was enthralled with everything having to do with beauty, and i soon discovered that, if I could make it in the booth rent arena- renting my own room at a salon, I could shine a little of God’s light on each of my clients. I learned a lot from experience, and have worked in the relaxing atmosphere of the massage room, the social atmosphere of the busy salon, and under pressure with the bride on her big day- all the while sharing what I know to be as fact: Beauty begins on the inside, with an intimate relationship with God. And when you’ve got that light, girlfriend, nothing can stop it from shining.

Finding Your Most Beautiful You

Speaking from experience, not having a full understanding of things such as the make up of makeup (haha!), the undertone of your skin, which products are for which skin type, and if something is or is not non-comedogenic, can really lead to a frustrating experience when trying new things. I have always loved to lead people in the direction of what will bring out their eyes, clear their skin, give their hair a little life, and bring out their inner beauty.

Because I have chosen to stay home with babies after 10 years of working in the beauty industry, I’d love to pass on some of what I’ve learned to beauty lovers such as myself, and shine a little encouragement on those who maybe felt as i did for a large part of my life.


Wow’ing The World

Whether or not a person feels beautiful can change their entire outlook. I’m passionate about helping people achieve their best look, every day. Whether it’s a full face of makeup, or a fresh, clean look on skin that you’re proud to show off, I’d like to think that there is a product-or products- that can help, and I want to share any experience I have!


Don’t get me wrong, God made us all beautiful, but using a little lipstick sure doesn’t hurt!

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I hope you all get something from this site!


Sincerely and beautifully,



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