10 Dill Essential Oil Benefits – Give Your Gut A Break!

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With summer swiftly approaching, I tend to lean toward recipes that don’t require me turning on the oven and scorching us all out of the house when the temperatures climb well above 100 degrees?.

From tomato salad, to creamy dips, to salt and vinegar cucumbers – dill can add a pop of flavor to many light, summery dishes.

But did you know that Dill Essential Oil also has a plethora of benefits?

I wouldn’t go adding drops of oil to your recipes that call for dill weed (that probably wouldn’t work out?).

BUT, this essential oil can benefit you in other ways, some of which you might be surprised to learn.

Let’s take a look at a few of them?

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1. Flatulence

Why not just take the plunge on the first one?

That’s right, Dill Essential Oil could help with excessive gas and bloating.

In fact, the primary system affected by Dill is the digestive system, so there is a strong chance that the oil will be of help to you if you suffer from this.

It is best to diffuse the oil into the air in an essential oil diffuser to help with this problem.

Placing a drop or two on the wrists will also help.

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2. Lower Glucose Levels

Any oil that aids in the processes of the digestive system is one that is worth investing in.

Especially because, if used correctly, you don’t have to worry about any side-effects.

Dill Oil has been thought to potentially aid in the lowering of glucose levels, and it also provides somewhat of a deterrence to sweets cravings if you apply it to the wrists.

Diffusing in a diffuser is also a great method for addressing the high glucose levels.

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3. Calm Nervousness and Fidgety Children

So, if you have any form of anxiety, you know that there aren’t many things you won’t do to help with it.

It’s terrible. Feeling panicked, shaky, uneasy.

Dill Oil is said to help calm the jitters, and may also help children who are overstimulated and fidgety if diffused in combination with Roman Chamomile.

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4. Toxin Clear Out

There has been a lot of hype about clearing toxins from the system in the past year or two.

Lemon water this. Cucumber water that.

Both of these are great options. And while you’re at it, add a drop of dill to the mix, or diffuse into the air, and it will work to clear your body of the yuck.

5. Loss Of Appetite

Whether you suffer from loss of appetite as a function of medication side effects, or just naturally have trouble, Dill Oil may be able to help.

Again, diffusing into the air is a great option. You can also apply directly to reflexology points that correlate with the stomach.

6. Indigestion

Ugh…indigestion is the WORST.

Anyone who has been third trimester pregnant and has to sleep upright can vouch for that.

Diffusing a few drops of Dill Oil into the air can help with indigestion, and soothe the digestive system as a whole.

7. Calming To The Autonomic Nervous System

The autonomic nervous system regulates bodily functions, and largely acts unconsciously, meaning we have little to no control.

Dill Essential Oil can calm the autonomic nervous system, allowing for digestion improvement, ease in lung function and respiratory rate, steady heart rate, and much more.

This benefit is mainly obtained through diffusing the oil.

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8. Headaches

I’m sure I hate headaches just as much as the next person, and I’m pretty sure by this point my body has become scarily immune to the pain medication I take to drown them out?

Dill Oil is a natural alternative to relieving stress headaches. It has a calming effect all around, and while working to alleviate the headache, will also be working to calm other parts of the body simultaneously.

You can diffuse, but also be sure to apply the oil directly to the area of concern when dealing with a headache.

9. Constipation

As mentioned above, digestive problems are addressed as a whole when you use Dill Essential Oil.

With the calming of the autonomic nervous system comes the relief from constipation.

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10. Bronchial Issues

Any sort of inflammation of the bronchi may be helped, however slightly, with Dill Oil.

Diffusing is the best option in these cases.

Do not ingest directly. You don’t want to make the problem worse, but diluting several drops of Dill Oil in a carrier oil or cream and applying to the chest may be of benefit as well.

I hope this list of benefits of Dill Essential Oil has been helpful!

If you are aware of any benefits that we haven’t covered here, please leave them in the comments!

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